Top of the World

Our premier motorcycle adventure sees you conquer the four highest passes in the world!
14 Days
Delhi, India

Mongolian Steppes

A Motorcycle Adventure across the Mongolian Steppes.  Genghis Khan would be jealous.
10 Days

Head Hunters

A mind blowing motorcycling adventure through the mysterious and magical region of the Eastern Himalayas that very few brave riders
10 Days
Dibrugarh, India

Rider Mania (in Kerala/Goa)

Touring South West India which includes 3 days entry at one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world.
12 Days
Cochin, India

The Thunder Dragon Run

A mind blowing motorcycling adventure through the the Land of the Thunder Dragon. A secret for many years that is
10 Days
Delhi, India

Sri Lanka - Ceylon Circuit

A mind blowing motorcycling adventure with the most breathtaking sights you will could ever imagine.
11 Days
Sri Lanka
Limited Places

Himalayan Super Scramble

Does your life need a reboot? Early starts, big kilometres and a lot of fun. We tackle the notorious Killar
12 Days
Delhi, India

Royal Rajasthan

An epic adventure through the land of the maharajahs. The scenery is a photographers dream and the riding is an
16 Days
Delhi, India