If you’re considering exploring the Himalayas (or any of our other destinations) then you want to ensure you choose an experienced company that is going to look after you and give you a mind blowing experience.

8 reasons why Himalayan Heroes can offer our unbeatable Price Guarantee.

The Himalayan Heroes difference.

There are tour companies that will charge you less and there are tour companies that will charge you a lot more than us but there are none that come close to the value for money that Himalayan Heroes offers. We guarantee it.

1) Best Bikes

We are confident that the fleet is not only the largest and newest, but also the best maintained fleet of Royal Enfield motorcycles in the Himalayas. We know this because the bikes we use are on-sold other tour companies when they start spending more time in the hands of the mechanics than in our rider’s hands.

2) Full Service

While some companies will have you land at Delhi or Kathmandu and then tell you to make your own way to the starting point via an 18-hour bus or train journey, we always have a Himalayan Heroes rep waiting for you at the airport to transport you through the madness to a very comfortable, air-conditioned hotel. Developing countries can be a culture shock at the best of times, so we like our riders to ease into the madness.  

3) Quality Accommodation

We know of some companies that take chances with accommodating their riders. We’ve come across groups looking for accommodation in the dark and cold because their tour operator assumed there would be space available when they arrived in town. We’ve also seen riders from other groups so unhappy with their accommodation, that they have rented rooms in other hotels. The romance of the adventure is quickly lost when this happens. If you’re truly going to enjoy some of the world’s best roads, then you need to wake up refreshed and ready to take on everything the Himalayas will throw at you. That’s why we’ll put you in the best accommodation available.

Apart from the ultra-remote areas we go to on some adventures where there is very little or no choice of accommodation, we’ll always stay in a hotel or guest house that enhances your experience. That might mean we stay in an eco-resort, monastery, house boat, luxury camp sites or even a farm house! They’ll be interspersed with refreshing says in a quality local hotel that is clean with western toilets, hot water, electricity to charge your cameras, laundry facilities and free wi-fi.

4) Support and Back-Up

Some companies idea of a back-up vehicle is a motorcycle with a few spare parts attached to it, ridden by a guy who learnt how to change a tyre last week. While others will have you carry your own luggage on luggage racks on your bike (when the bike has 25hp then strapping another 30kg to it isn’t going to do it any favours when your climbing or descending mountain passes!), Himalayan Heroes has a backup vehicle that your luggage is transported in. If the bike is lighter, it is easier to handle and safer and if you come off in a river crossing you’ll have heaps of warm, dry clothes in the support vehicle.

5) Freedom

We recognise that some people are put off by “organised” tours as they don’t want to all ride in a line from one place to the next, never going off road to explore what is over a crest or down that valley etc. We’ve designed our adventures, so the rider can explore by themselves if they choose to, safe in the knowledge that our backup and support vehicles are there to help. If we finish the riding day early, we’ll often organise a ride to a monastery or a night out if we’re in town, but these aren’t compulsory. Be free and enjoy the experience your way.

6) Value for Money

Let’s face it, these adventures aren’t pocket change. You’ve worked hard for your money and you want to make sure you invest it wisely. Delve deeper than just looking at how many days a tour is. Some companies advertise their tour being 12 days long but when you look at how many days you are actually on the road, then it can be as little as 6 days, the rest is for sightseeing and rest days. On a “days per dollar” and “riding days per dollar” basis, no other company comes close to Himalayan Heroes. In fact, some Australian based companies charge double what Himalayan Heroes do.

7) Finish What You Started Credit

In a world first, Himalayan Heroes offers all it’s riders a US$500 Finish What You Started CREDIT if you cannot complete the advertised itinerary due to illness, injury or bad weather. You can use it anytime in the future and you don’t even have to use it on the same adventure. Use it on a completely different adventure if you want. We want you to finish what you started! This credit can’t be used in conjunction with other credits such as the loyalty program etc.

8) Price Guarantee

We’ve spent many hours researching competitor’s offerings to ensure we offer the best Himalayan motorcycle adventures for the most competitive price. We believe we’ve nailed it, so much so that if you can find another company that offers what we do then we’ll beat their price by 10%.  <look, no asterisk!