For the truly authentic Indian riding experience, one must do it on the quintessential Indian Motorcycle – the Royal Enfield Classic 500cc . We also have the new adventure bike from Royal Enfield called the Himalayan. Often you will have the choice of either model. 

No twin discs with ABS here! The braking performance is adequate for what we use them for. We suggest getting a feel for how the rear drum brake works as we use it a lot in the off road terrain. One modifies their riding style to be slow in and not so slow out. (With 24hp, it’s never going to be fast out!)

Why have a big comfy heated seat when a modestly padded vinyl covered seat attached to springs makes you think the bike is moving around underneath you, even if you’re sitting still!

The Himalayan model soaks up the bumps of the off road sections with aplomb. The Classics and Bullets do a good job as well but it pays to keep you eyes on the road and let your legs do some of the work. Practice standing on your pegs and see how the bike soaks up the bumps.

Luggage carrying capacity
Screw that, why carry 50 kilos of stuff when you can throw it into the back up vehicle. We want you to have fun on the bike.

NOTE: Most tour companies through the Himalayas will make you carry all your luggage on your bike. A bike with 24hp needs all the help it can get climbing the mountains and it certainly doesn’t appreciate the extra weight when trying to stop on the way down. 

Slow down and smell the roses, soak it up the amazing vistas and stop and shake hands with a local.  The roads are full of surprises, potholes, gravel strewn corners, cows wandering down the road, slow moving trucks etc. Have fun on the bikes but remember it isn’t a race. We want you smiling as you drift off to sleep, dreaming about the roads you’ll tackle the next day.

What Royal Enfield themselves say about the Classic 500

“Armed with a potent fuel injected 500cc engine and clothed in a disarmingly appealing post war styling, this promises to be the most coveted Royal Enfield in history.

For those who want it all. The power, the fuel efficiency, the reliability and simple, yet drop dead gorgeous classic styling. The classic turns heads not because it wants to but because it can’t help it. You will appreciate the beat not just for the music it creates but also for the muted feeling of strength and power that it signifies.

The view is simply better when you are astride a Royal Enfield Classic 500 – whether moving or still. Nothing more to be said.”

Interesting Facts about the Royal Enfield.

  • Royal Enfield started producing motorcycles in 1901 and closed their UK factory in 1970.
  • The Royal Enfield factory in India started producing complete bikes in 1962 and are going from strength to strength.
  • Royal Enfield is now the oldest motorcycle brand in the world still in production with the Bullet model enjoying the longest motorcycle production run of all time.