Adventure Designer - Rex Havoc

If founding Perth Cafe Racers and organising The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Perth isn’t enough, Rex designs all the Himalayan Heroes adventures so that people can have the best time of their lives while giving back to the communities that the riders visit. Rex is your point of contact. 

Rex rides a W650 Cafe Racer and there is Royal Enfield Classic 500 getting customised into a scrambler. He also wears a Yeti suit from start to finish on every adventure. It makes the kids smile and it’s a bit of a laugh…or maybe it’s just a fetish thing?


Giving Back Ambassador / Team Medic - Tito

Having a general rule that he says yes to pretty much any opportunity that presents itself if he has no real excuse not to, Tito jumped on the Stairway to Heaven tour in 2017 after meeting us briefly at Throttle Roll. Despite having damn near destroyed one of our bikes, the trip had such an impression on him that he and his friends (most of which met on that first tour) pretty much immediately booked out a DGR and Mongolia tour, becoming a hard face to for us to avoid.

Rarely seen in any one spot for an extended time, he is continuously heard saying that he’s legitimately afraid he would rust if he slows down. Tito is often seen riding ridiculous distances on his Victory Highball raising funds and awareness for multiple charities in the process. When not on some random adventure, he then spends his free time volunteering his time and efforts where he can. Appropriately, Tito has now become our point of contact for our GIVING BACK program that allows us to find ways to give back to the people and communities we visit.

Tito is ex-military and now works in Sydney as a paramedic, so when on tour he also plays the role of team medic. Obviously it’s hopeful that nothing happens to you, but rest assured, if it does he has your back.


Tour Leader - India

Our head guide was born in the Himalayas so he knows it like the back of his hand. Riding a motorcycle soon after he could walk, he is not afraid to take you off road and show sites that most locals wouldn’t know about.

“Our guide was a super chilled character and a very calming influence for the group, and was a confidence builder, taking care of every little hurdle that presented itself with calmness and efficiency.” – Peter Scott 2014


Tour Leader - Nepal

If we could clone our guide in Nepal, we would. He’s an experienced professional who still has a sense of adventure. Always smiling and willing to do what it takes to make sure riders have the best experience of their lives.


Tour Leader - Mongolia

“Batman” is a moto nut. If he’s not riding motorcycles, he’s racing rally cars across Mongolia. We are always warmly welcomed when we roll into camp at the end of the day as everybody knows our fearless leader. He claims to be a descendent of Genghis Khan but then so does every Mongolian. He likes telling stories but I’ll let you figure out which ones are true.


UK Ambassador - Archie Deacon

Archie met us at the MCN Motorcycle show in 2017 and decided to bring a few friends along for the DGR adventure in 2018. He had a blast and when he got home, asked if he could get involved in some way. Our good buddy Ben was super busy so handed over to Archie. Archie plays indoor golf, wears women’s pants but only on a Friday and of course, he does his own stunts. He now looks after the Himalayan Heroes UK Instagram Page

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North American Ambassador- Patrick Colleran

Patrick booked to come with us on our infamous Distinguished Gentleman’s Route adventure in 2017 but when the time came, his new business had taken off and he couldn’t afford the time off so he sent us an email to apologise. We suggested we could just transfer his deposit to an adventure later in the year. Patrick was blown away with the service and even more so with his adventure in Nepal. When he wanted to spread the word amongst his fellow Canadians, we felt that his support of an orphanage with 27 kids in Kathmandu, meant he was the perfect fit for Himalayan Heroes. Packhound Motorcycles and is often buried under the snow.


USA sales - Bear Haughton

Bear was invited to join our fifth adventure by our friends at Pipeburn and has been on a few more trips since. He usually gives us a couple of weeks notice he’s coming!

He’s constantly looking at his phone so you can be sure he’ll answer your message. He definitely wouldn’t have chosen the pic on the left as his profile pic…and that’s why we chose it 🙂

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