Gary Probin

Gary "Guru" Probin (Western Australia)
2017 - Stairway to Heaven adventure - Nepal

“Great people, all like minded, got on well with everyone, the whole group were on the same page, amazing story’s were shared and enjoyed, never a dull moment. On the road, everyone did there own thing at there own pace, no one was left behind. The ride was challenging and fulfilling; the scenery was spectacular, the bikes superb. Good to know you had back up when needed was reassuring, lots of videos were shot for future viewing, I don’t think people will fully understand unless they give it a crack. Good job Guys and Girls you will be recommended.

Kacey Elkins (Krossover Customs, USA)
2017 - Stairway to Heaven adventure - Nepal

“I went into this trip thinking it would be incredible to see the Himalayas while riding a motorcycle, but it truly surpassed any expectations I had! Every day had some kind of shock and awe! I’d suggest to anyone that enjoys motorcycle and loves life to get with you guys and do a tour. Thanks for putting this together for us to enjoy.

Kacey Elkins

Tito M (Brisbane, Australia)
2017 - Stairway to Heaven - Nepal

“I loved every moment of this trip. Everyday got harder and harder. But because it was hard was exactly why I loved it. It forced me to improve my riding skills in all possible ways.

The support was second to none. I felt confident that someone had my back at all times. The other riders get you through as well. Everyone shares their experience and tips. I’ve made friends that I would gladly walk through hell with.

I’ll never forget this adventure. And I’ll be back to never forget the next.”


Rusty C (Brisbane, Australia)
2017 - Stairway to Heaven - Nepal

“Putting into words doesn’t give this adventure justice! You will come away some days thinking “that was the worst and best day of riding I have ever done”

Personally on this trip seeing the happiness of locals, with the simple things in life, makes you reflect on what is really important in your own life. A number of images have been engrained into my memory like seeing kids jumping on corrugated pieces of metal as though it was a trampoline, having the time of their lives or a brother and sister holding hands, walking down a goat track to get to school, with the biggest smiles, laughing and waving as we rode past.
These experiences put into perspective what is really important, not the latest iPhone or how many hours over time you did, or about what you don’t have, but what you do with your life that is really important. Work to live don’t live to work, experience life and all its beauty. Tackle that mountain, cross that river and come out the other side smiling.

Love the simple pleasures in life, smile more, hug each other, love and laugh your way to a better life. We all have challenges in our lives but it’s the road we choose to take that leads us to true happiness.
Namaste ”

Mike F (Perth, Western Australia)
2016 - Distinguished Gentleman's Route - India

“I loved the group, loved bonding with the guys, loved the mix of people, the roads, the riding, you Buddhi and Viv were great. This was an opportunity to ride in remote places with a really capable support crew and most people would not attempt this on their own and without that support.
Food was great and the scenery spectacular. I liked the relaxed feel of the group, led by Rex. The Yeti suit kept me laughing even when I was feeling pretty ordinary from altitude. I also loved the opportunity to do some faster riding with Rex and Buddhi on the sections that they felt it was appropriate. Exploring the back roads of northern India was quite something and certainly an unforgettable experience!”

Mike Fitzpatrick

Brett E (Australia)
2016 - Distinguished Gentleman's Route - India

“The thing that makes this trip so fantastic is the scenery, the like minded people you ride with and the sometimes surreal nature of what’s going on around you. The real heroes of this trip are you for doing it, the skills of the back up mechanics, the knowledge of main guide Buddhi and of course the motorcycles.
Where these bikes don’t make sense in the first world, they make perfect sense on the rugged and beautiful roads in India. I’d been wanting to do this trip for a long time and had high expectations with the emotions I wanted to experience when doing this adventure. Himalayan Heroes surpassed my expectations and then some. Handy Hint: Diamox is a must.”

Brett Everitt

Jason O (Perth, Australia)
2013 - Top of the World adventure

“It’s been absolutely life changing, the best thing I’ve ever experienced”

Carl B (Brisbane, Australia)
2017 - Stairway to Heaven - Nepal

“There is almost nothing that can be said or written that will communicate this adventure accurately. The contrasts are extreme, the conditions are extreme and my enjoyment of the trip was extreme. Having everything organised means I could relax and concentrate on the riding and the beauty of this amazing country. If I had had to navigate, deal with mechanical issues or even negotiate to buy petrol, the whole trip would have been stressful. Instead, I felt relaxed – yet exhilarated the whole time. The only negative is having to leave – the entire team are totally professional, funny and an absolute joy to be around. If you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime – this is it. ”

Jeremy N (Singapore)
2017 - Stairway to Heaven - Nepal

“Being a city boy all my life, Himalayan Heroes took me out of my comfort zone and brought me on a trip of a lifetime. Did I expect at all what the trip would bring, no. Would I have done it differently? No. The people and crew that I met on this trip has been nothing short of amazing and professional. ”

Tim M (Sydney, Australia)
2013 - Top of the World adventure

“The 2013 Himalayan trip through Ladakh exceeded even the highest of my expectations. Never before have I experienced such a challenging, inspiring and life changing ride. So incredible was the trip that it has motivated many, including me to take on more adventure riding since then. The ride organisation is first rate as was the strength of friendship forged with others in tackling the most astonishing of roads. I’ll be back for more.”

Nathan E (Sydney, Australia)
2013 - Top of the World adventure

“This trip was without doubt the best two weeks of my life. I’ve never had this much fun ever”.
“I can’t imagine anything better than what I’ve just done”

Gwen S (Texas, USA)
2014 - Top of the World adventure

“I had contacted Rex and Buddhi about this experience, having had ZERO
motorcycle adventure experience.  From start to finish, this was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life.  

Rex helped me with preparation (via email and FB site) and Buddhi gave good advice.  I especially appreciate the more “casual” nature of this type of trip.  I did not know anyone on the expedition prior to my arrival in India, and they all made me feel at home and I will definitely rely on Himalayan Heroes tour group again.

 I feel like there was just enough blend of risk, adventure and care.  If you are uptight about schedules or having to know every little detail as you travel around the world, this is NOT the adventure for you.  If you are willing to take some risk, enjoy meeting new people who deeply care for a sense of fun, adventure and testing physical and mental skill and work together to make a trip like this an adventure of a lifetime, this is DEFINITELY the trip you should consider.

I loved the experience and now have new friends in Perth, India and Berlin.   Huge kudos to Rex, Buddhi, Viv, and ourmechanics, back-up crew for helping me make a dream come true in my life.”

Steve G (Perth, Australia)
2013 - Top of the World adventure

It’s been an absolutely fantastic life experience, I’ve really enjoyed it”

Doc H (Melbourne, Australia)
2013 - Top of the World adventure

“For the last two weeks, I’ve had the time of my life”

Watch Doc’s other video testimonals – Video 1 | Video 2

Peter S (United States America)
2014 - Top of the World adventure

“It was my first time in India, so everything was going to be new, and I had a blast.
We had almost every kind of personality in the group, except for any unlikable types, so it made for easy traveling and lots of laughs.

Buddhi, our guide was a super chilled character and a very calming influence for the group, and was a confidence builder, taking care of every little hurdle that presented itself with calmness and efficiency.

The variation in our overnight accommodations was perfect, from funky hotels to organized tent camping in superb locations, to the last night when we were treated to elegant 5 star accommodations back in Delhi.

I can’t recommend doing this trip with these guys strongly enough. It was fantastic.

Part of the charm lay in the bikes, solid old technology Royal Enfields. Part of that charm was that they were never designed to take the punishment we put them through and being far from anything you could call modern it was a real accomplishment to coax them from start to finish. And while I personally never had any issues with my bike, the rare occasion one acted up or got a flat, the wonderful support mechanics were there to keep things moving.

We were lucky to have perfect weather every single day, which made life even easier, and while we never saw anything particularly challenging it would be advisable for anyone contemplating such a trip to have at least a couple of years of trail/dirt/desert riding under their belts. It’s no Red Bull Last Man Standing event, but it’s also no walk in the park.

Go have a great time with these guys.”