2021 and Beyond

2021 and Beyond

With all 2020 adventures postponed until 2021 and the Coronavirus situation still growing, let’s do some crystal ball gazing and see what Himalayan Heroes adventures might look like in 2021. 

Crystal Ball 2021

First, let’s check the data from where we are from and where we want to go to.

Coronavirus Data 29th July 2020
Note: To get to Tibet, one has to travel through Sichuan province in China or through Nepal.


Looking at the data above, it is clear that some countries are yet to bring the situation under control with India, Pakistan (and the USA) being the standouts. It is anyone’s guess when we’ll be allowed to travel to those countries, let alone them being safe enough to travel to.

Let’s focus on the four countries where we have a good chance of going to in 2021.  


Talking to the team in Nepal, they tell me that lockdown restrictions are lifting. However, when i look at the data from WHO, I see the number of cases have been on the rise since May. Maybe the government have found the lockdown untenable and are adjusting to the “new normal” by easing restrictions. Tourism makes up 9% of the GDP so there must be pressures to open up again. (For comparison, tourism makes up 3% of Australia’s GDP and 75% of that is domestic)

Travel restrictions are in place until further notice.


Looking at the data alone, Mongolia seems to be doing great with no deaths attributed to Covid19. The team in Ulaanbaatar said (sp) “we eat lot of meat, specially horse meat in winter, that give us good immunity system :)”. They are certainly strong. We will watch with anticipation. 

Travel restrictions are in place until 31st August 2020 but could be extended further. 


Bhutan have handled the situation very well; closing the borders with India very quickly. It’s a stunning country and among the happiest in the world that everyone should visit once in their lifetime. For a motorcyclist, the scenery, perfect mix of sealed and unsealed roads, cultural sites and tantalising food, it is a dream adventure riding destination. The absence of traffic lights, speed cameras and police striving to reach quotas is just a bonus.

Travel restrictions are in place until further notice.

Tibet (China)

With only a single case (long since recovered), Tibet is probably the safest place to be …unless you’re American…but that’s another story. The team there are certainly keen for us to come but our challenge is not getting into Tibet but out of our own countries and into China. We have the option of riding North from Kathmandu, Nepal over the Himalayas into Tibet. We’ll play a waiting game and assess the situation closer to the date. 

Possible to travel but subject to 14 days mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

NOTE: If you’ve paid a deposit for a trip 2020, then your deposit has been carried forward to a future trip of your choosing. In accordance with WA Consumer Protection advice, Himalayan Heroes has extended the travel credit indefinitely rather than limit it to 12 months.  

I look forward to riding with you in 2021 and hope you’re safe.

Rex Havoc

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