The Middle Land in 8 Days

The most intense 8 Day Himalayan motorcycle experience on the planet
8 Days
Delhi, India

Himalayan Heroines

Our Ladies only tour to the Top of the World!
10 Days
Delhi, India

Top of the World

Our premier motorcycle adventure sees you conquer the four highest passes in the world!
14 Days
Delhi, India

Mongolian Wild West

A Motorcycle Adventure in search of the Eagle Hunters in the wild west of Genghis Khan's Mongolia.
10 Days

Eastern Himalayas

A mind blowing motorcycling adventure through the mysterious and magical region of the Eastern Himalayas that very few brave riders
10 Days
Dibrugarh, India

Rider Mania (in Kerala/Goa)

Touring South West India which includes 3 days entry at one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world.
12 Days
Cochin, India

The Thunder Dragon Run

A mind blowing motorcycling adventure through the the Land of the Thunder Dragon. A secret for many years that is
10 Days
Delhi, India

Sri Lanka - Ceylon Circuit

A mind blowing motorcycling adventure with the most breathtaking sights you will could ever imagine.
11 Days
Sri Lanka