8 Reasons to Join a Motorcycle Tour in the Himalayas

8 Reasons to Join a Motorcycle Tour in the Himalayas

There’s something about the magic of the open road; seeing an unfamiliar place for the first time and experiencing it in an authentic way. A Himalayan motorcycle tour is without a doubt one of the most unique and thrilling ways to experience Asia and the Himalayas. And here’s why it so magical.


1 – Make friends

The friends you make on a Himalayan motorcycle adventure are friends that last a lifetime. Traversing these roads together cause you to let down your guard and forge genuine connections with amazing people you wouldn’t otherwise meet.


2 – Step off the beaten path

Sure you could go to your 50th resort and spend your days lounging on the beach or by the pool barely getting to know the culture of the place you’re visiting. But wouldn’t it be much better to have an authentic experience in a lesser-traveled location?


3 – Explore different cultures

Our Himalayan motorcycle tours are typically organized around the local culture, ensuring that you get a taste of the culture and really have an opportunity to engage with the locals so you can learn more about them.


4 – Feel inspired

Once you tackle the Himalayas on a motorcycle you will leave the adventure feeling like you can do anything. And you will be right. It’s an empowering experience that we encourage you to take with you when you leave.


5 – Many great travel stories

Most great travel adventures are filled with stories you take with you and a Himalayan motorcycle adventure is no different. You’ll have many tales to tell once you get home. 


6 – Be at one with nature

When you face the open road on a motorcycle it’s just you and nature. Snow-capped mountains, roaring streams, expansive meadows, and unexpected glimpses of local wildlife. And that’s a beautiful thing to experience. 


7 – Learn about bike repairs

These motorcycle adventures generally go on for days. And while we have trained motorcycle repairmen on each tour, you will find yourself picking up a tip or two and learning more about the machine you’re riding on. When you get home, you’ll know more than the average rider. Those tips may just come in handy.


8 – Because you’ve been dreaming about it

You know you want to. Every time you think about going on a motorcycle adventure through the Himalayas your heart skips a few beats and you get excited. That feeling is enough of a reason to go. Getting to strike it off your bucket list and forever knowing ‘I did that’ is priceless.


So the only question remaining is when are we seeing you?


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