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This is truly a motorcycle adventure like no other. It has been designed so that every day of the adventure builds upon the previous day. The excitement builds as we ride along rivers fed by melting glaciers, exploring and staying at ancient monasteries, and mixing with the local Tibetan people. As we climb in altitude, the roads get better and better and we finally reach Gyatso La, the highest pass of the trip. You’re thinking that the roads can’t possibly get any better but the snaking bitumen that lies in front of you is like no other on earth. Recently constructed with beautiful smooth tarmac, nearly twice as high as Stelvio pass with far more twists and turns; it’s a road that you won’t forget…which is good as you have to do it again the following day on your return from Everest

We’ve been building up to the climax of the adventure for 7 days and to see the world’s highest mountain towering above you is an emotional sight. Your sense of achievement is a feeling that you will struggle to explain to others and is only shared by people who have achieved the same goal. You get to watch the sunset on Everest and rise behind it the next morning as you’ll stay at Rongbuk Monastery close by.

With your goal achieved, you relax and enjoy every moment as we head North and find some dirt roads towards a high-altitude lake where we’ll wash the dust down with a cool beer and revel in each other’s stories.  Your mind will be swirling, trying to remember everything you’ve seen and experienced in the past 10 days as you head back into Lhasa and onward to Chengdu and home. The Quest for Everest in Tibet has weaved its magic and will now be a part of you for the rest of your life.

ADVENTURE DATES 2023 – August, Sunday 27th – September, Wednesday 6th

Other dates by request

PRIVATE TOURS AVAILABLE This tour is also available as a private adventure for solo adventurers, a couple, a club, or even just a group of mates. This can be any combination of riders, pillions, sidecar passengers, or even a family in one of our expedition support vehicles. The tour can be shortened or lengthened to suit your desires. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

The best months are from May to October

PRICES Rider: US$4,990 per person
Pillion: US$4,690 per person (If there are two or more pillions/passengers then the price drops to US$3690)
WHAT’S INCLUDED Return domestic flights from Chengdu to Lhasa
Transfers to/from Lhasa Airport and Hotel
Your choice of motorcycle
All Fuel
Quality Accommodation on a twin share basis (Comfort hotels/guest houses/Camping)
3 meals a day for the entire tour
English speaking guide
Medical kit is available and Oxygen in the support vehicle
Mechanics with all the necessary spare parts
Support vehicle to carry all luggage (if riders are injured, feeling unwell, or just want a break then they can jump into our backup vehicle to relax)
Bottled water throughout the adventure
Tea/Chai & snacks en-route
Permits for restricted areas
All entrance fees en-route
NOT INCLUDED  International flights
 VISA (details sent with rider pack)
 Travel Insurance (compulsory)
 Personal Expenses
 Tipping (US$100 suggested)
 Alcoholic Drinks

NOTE: The prices above are based on a twin share basis. If you’d like your own room, then there is a US$650 supplement.

Payment terms: A US$500 deposit must be made at the time of booking. Balance payment must be paid 8 weeks before the tour start date. Payment plans are available upon request.

Terms & Conditions What To Bring Price Guarantee

Additional information

Rider or PillionRider, Pillion

Upon arrival at Chengdu airport, you’ll be greeted by a member of the Himalayan Heroes team who will transfer you to the hotel to check in. If you arrive in the morning then you’ll have time for an excursion to see the home of the Giant Pandas before returning for a traditional welcome dinner. You will receive your permit for Tibet which you will need to be able to board the flight to Lhasa.


After an early breakfast, you’ll be escorted to the airport for your 2-hour 30-minute flight to Lhasa. Upon landing, you’ll once again be greeted by a member of the Himalayan Heroes team who will transfer you to our hotel. We’ll start the paperwork to get your provisional Chinese driving license and then make a visit to the former residence of the Dalai Lama – Potala Palace. 


While waiting for our licenses to arrive, we’ll take a walk to the Bharkor market and, in the company of a hundred pilgrims, walk around and visit the Jokhang temple in the old city which is one of the most important temples of Tibet.

LHASA TO TSEDANG (200 km – 4-5 hours)

We get an early start on the bikes as we travel southeast of Lhasa and follow the wide Yarlung Tsangpo River. After lunch, we’ll visit the famous Samye monastery and continue riding across a vast desert valley to Yumbu Lakang, Tibet’s first building and the palace of Tibet’s first king.

TSEDANG TO GYANGZE (320 km – 7 hours)

From Tsedang we ride along the other side of the Yarlung Tsangpo river to Yamdrok Lake. Winding roads with views of the azure blue lake far below make our first day on the road an unforgettable experience. We make stops along the way to take pictures and enjoy the panorama. Riding over Nagartse near the first snow-covered foothills of the Himalayas and onward over the 5,100 m Karo La Pass to Gyangtse. Depending on our arrival time, we will visit an old fort in Gyangtse (Gyangtse Dzong) that sits majestically like a throne above the city. The Buddhist Pelkhor Monastery was built in 1427 and is known as the Monastery of the ten thousand paintings. With its four storeys, 108 chapels, and over 10,000 wall paintings, this is the biggest stupa (pagoda) in Tibet. 

GYANGZE TO SAKYA (240 km – 6 hours)

Leaving Gyangze the adventure continues on the Friendship Highway to Sakya Monastery which is located in a green highland valley. The green hills offer a lovely contrast to the Tibetan highlands of the previous day’s journey. The Sakya monastery was once one of the most important in Tibet and its Mongolian architecture gives it an appearance completely different from the other monasteries in Tibet.

SAKYA TO RONGBUK (250 km – 5-6 hours)

From Sakya, the road goes south and snakes its way further up into the Himalayan mountains, where we will have a good view of the world’s 8,000m high mountains and the surrounding valleys. An unbelievable hairpin road with dozens of turns and views of several 8000m high Himalayan mountains leads you to the Rongbu Monastery, where we arrive in the afternoon. To get there, you must cross several 5000m (16,000+ft) high passes on a fantastic new road that was built in 2016 – one of the greatest riding roads on earth. Shortly after Rongbu Monastery, the road permitted for our motorbikes comes to an end. It is possible to walk to the base camp, which takes about 1 hour or to take a public vehicle. At the camp, you can enjoy the view and take breathtaking photos. The earlier we get to the base camp, the better the view normally is. You have enough time to spend several hours here. We’ll stay overnight in the basic inn of the Rongbuk monastery.   

RONGBUK TO XIGAZE (330 km / 7 hours)

We suggest waking early and seeing the sun rise over Everest. It is a sight that you will never forget. We take a different route back to Xigaze as we head over the highest pass of the adventure – Gyatso La at 5,220m.  It’s a big day on the bike, so we’ll be sure to stop often and take a break. 

XIGAZE TO NAMTSO LAKE (360 km / 7-8 hours)

After leaving Xigaze, we leave the main road and ride on backroads (dirt at the moment, but not for long) to Namtso lake. We reach Namtso, one of the biggest salt lakes in Tibet and one of the highest lakes in the world at an altitude of 4718m, in the late afternoon ready for a refreshing ale to quench our thirst. We’ll head off-road and ride along the shore which invites us to explore the surrounding hills of grazing yaks, small monasteries, meditation caves and much more. The day ends with a BBQ on the shore of the lake that reflects the setting sun.

NAMTSO LAKE TO LHASA (200 km / 4-5 hours)

We’ll take the main road back to Lhasa with its unique panoramas. As Lhasa comes into view, you relive your amazing adventure to Everest Base Camp that so few have done before you. Tibet and its people have welcomed you into their land and you will take a part of Tibet home with you to share with the outside world. 


That’s it, folks, you’ve immersed yourself in the unique land of Tibet and just completed a motorcycle adventure that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. You’ve crossed Tibet’s highest passes, stayed at ancient monasteries, ridden the best motorcycling roads in Asia, camped at a super high altitude and of course, you’ve seen Mt Everest up close with your own eyes. 

Time to board the flight back to Chengdu and onward home. Back on home turf, you won’t be able to explain the scale of this journey; photographs and videos will fail to do justice to your adventure. Your memories of this epic adventure, however, will stay with you forever.



In the countries we conduct adventures, commercial insurance on motor vehicles is either not available, or is of questionable value. 3rd party insurance will usually not cover foreigners and even if it does, it is generally worthless if one needs to make a claim. In the event of an accident in these countries, the situation is usually settled on the spot without the “assistance” of insurance companies. If insurance companies are involved, it can take days, weeks and even months before there is a resolution.

Damage Cap Option “DCO”

Himalayan Heroes offers its riders the option of capping the cost of your damage bill on the motorcycle you are riding. The cost of this damage cap option “DCO” is US$195, paid as a lump sum before the tour starts. In the event you damage the motorcycle, the DCO will cap your damage bill at US$200. 

3 Scenarios

  1. If, like most of our riders, you do not damage the motorcycle then the total cost to you is only the cost of the DCO = US$195.
  2. If, like some of our riders, you put the bike down at slow speed and damage mirrors, levers, foot pegs etc and the damage bill is say, US$120 then you pay the US$120. The total cost to you is US$315 (US$195 DCO + US$120 damage bill)
  3. If you have a big off and damage the tank, forks etc and the damage bill is say US$750 then your damage bill is capped at US$200. The total cost to you is US$395 (US$195 DCO + US$200 damage bill).

The DCO is optional, so if you would like to carry the risk yourself, you are welcome to. At the completion of the tour, you will be presented with an itemised bill of the damage to the bike. Approximately 50% of our riders do not damage the bikes and of the 50% that do receive a damage bill, the majority of the bills are less than $300. Please send us an email if you’ve got any questions about the DCO.

The DCO is not an insurance policy and therefore any costs related to it cannot be claimed on a travel insurance claim.

2 Motorcyclists in front of Everest
2 Motorcyclists in front of Everest