Tour Organiser - Rex Havoc

If running the Garage Project Motorcycles blog and founding Perth Cafe Racers, AFTERSHOCK and organising The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Perth and isn’t enough, Rex started Himalayan Heroes as a way for people to have an absolute blast for two weeks, give back to the communities they visit and to feel confident in choosing a reputable company.

Rex rides a W650 Cafe Racer, a CB350 Brat, and a customised Royal Enfield Scrambler. Rex wears his Yeti suit from start to finish. It makes the kids smile and it’s a bit of a laugh…or maybe it’s just a fetish thing?


Tour Organiser/Photographer - Viv Canini

Viv started riding a few years ago and started crashing soon after. She hasn’t stopped since….the riding AND the crashing. In fact, she was the winner of the inaugural “I do my own stunts” T-Shirt on the 2013 adventure.

Viv quit her job as a draft person and took up a role as a postal delivery worker delivering your bills and junk mail on a postie bike. She regularly crashes that as well but assures us with a little more practice that she won’t come off the bike on future adventures.

Most of the amazing pictures you see on this site are the work of Viv. If you would like a personal portfolio of your adventure with us, please let us know and Viv can discuss your needs with you.

Check out Viv’s photos here


Tour Leader - Buddhi

Buddhi has been leading motorcycle tours though the Himalayas and all over India for over 10 years. He has competed in the Raid de Himalaya at the highest level and has a preference for going off the beaten track.

Buddhi is a multilingual local guide: among his repertoire of spoken languages are English, French, Basic Spanish, Nepali and a couple of Indian regional dialects as well as his mother tongue Hindi.

“Buddhi, our guide was a super chilled character and a very calming influence for the group, and was a confidence builder, taking care of every little hurdle that presented itself with calmness and efficiency.” – Peter Scott 2014

Mind Blowing Motorcycle Adventures

Tour Leader - Moti

Moti has ridden solo all around the sub-continent mapping out routes for adventure motorcycle enthusiasts to explore the hidden beauty of the high Himalayas.

Having run a professional garage he is well placed to lead your adventure. Riding for Moti in not only a passion, but a necessity.


Photographer - Rahul

An ex-Bollywood cameraman & graphic designer, Rahul has joined us on many Himalayan Heroes adventures. He transforms the scenery, the laughs and the adrenalin of our riding adventures into magic on the screen that can be shared and enjoyed by your family and friends. You never know when he’ll creep up on you with his camera ready to capture your mischievous shenanigans. Rahul speaks fluent English, Tibetan, Hindi and around four Indian dialects. If Rahul is on your adventure then you’ll be presented with a DVD filled with photos and videos of your experiences on tour.


Senior Mechanic - Jassa

Jassa is every riders guardian angel. Often the most valuable person on tour, he has saved many riders who have found themselves with a flat tyre, dirty fuel or have put their bike down.

Based in Delhi for the last decade he is in charge of the continuous maintenance of our bikes in workshop and custom garage. Jassa joins and assists most of our motorcycle adventures on the Sub-continent, including the Himalayas, Nepal and Bhutan.